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Book Talk : 6A Dacomb Drive, Chisipite

  • 6A Dacomb Drive Harare, Harare Province Zimbabwe (map)
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There will also be an event invitation list on FaceBook.  For those without FaceBook and if you get missed off the invitation list, please click below to respond direct to me by email.    

Catching up with so many friends - old and new - through both these events after 18 years away  will be very emotional and oh! so special. It has been far, far too long.   Whether I will be able to make a coherent speech just seeing your loved and remembered faces again, remains to be seen - there may be tears - controlled of course, but lurking!

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12:30 PM12:30

Speaker : Highlands Lunch Club

 To get in touch with me, click here

To get in touch with me, click here

I hope you can join me on the 10th September, so that I can introduce you to my friends in Nyamandhlovu when I was very young … friends whose diverse lives became the model for the characters in our extraordinary story - through colourful historical fiction starting with book one of The Zambezi Trilogy:  THE HORNS.  


I will give you an idea of why I wrote the book, what it is about and why it is not only a vibrant and fascinating history of the Matabele Kings, of hunters, gold diggers and early Southern Rhodesia but also I believe, a dynamic and encouraging message for our country. 

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