Why did I write THE HORNS … ?

. . . for the sheer fascination of discovering the diverse paths taken by my three childhood friends! 

Jabu, son of a respected amaNdebele Chief, trained in Russia to became a leader within Joshua Nkomo’s military wing, ZIPRA - determined to unseat the colonial government; 

Prune – born, through the death of his unknown mother, adopted by the Scottish nurse and guided by the clinic Orderly as a Matebele boy; 

Themba probably destined for slavery under the Matebele, excelled at school and university, represented Southern Rhodesia at international trade talks aged 26 and became a top political figure under Bishop Muzorewa …

Carol – born into unusual circumstances and adjusting to a different world.

I was surprised, shocked and horrified by the machinations of man. The distortions – the vested interests – the manipulation – from all sides . . . and the savagery … at first appalled, then gaining some understanding and realising it was the only way to control thousands of people moving through today’s Mpumalanga and Limpopo, to Bulawayo. Within all that I became more aware of the disciplines within that savagery. 

then there were those standout discoveries. . . the courage, the benevolence, the interactions, the heart stopping emotion of glorious moments – ridiculously neglected by many self-serving scribes of the day - with the exception of the diligent reporting of missionaries like Robert Moffat.

THE HORNS tells it all in a way that led the Knysna and Plett Herald to state: “you will laugh out loud, pull out your hair in utter despair - and learn a lot.

I hope you enjoy every moment of it as I have done. Jill Baker

Exclusive Books O R Tambo International Airport Johannesburg

Exclusive Books O R Tambo International Airport Johannesburg

In Bulawayo, September 2018, catching up with Dr Dumiso Dabengwa

In Bulawayo, September 2018, catching up with Dr Dumiso Dabengwa

The Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation hosted the official launch at the Bulawayo Theatre - and Dr Dabengwa interviewed me on stage about THE HORNS. He had read the manuscript before publication and assured those at the launch that the historical content was accurate according to their oral history - but that he had learned a great deal too.

The video below, will give you a few reminiscent chuckles, and a little more background.