I was searching for the right name. My working title of Clay Cows just didn't fit the bill.  Then I saw this extraordinary photo by Marina Cano and it brought back memories of the Tuli and Angoni cattle of my childhood.

Cattle - the wealth of the African . . .  before colonialism brought gold - the wealth of the European. 

The depiction of both in the cover, encapsulates all the drama of the historical time line which had been burning within me over the last 8 years of on/off research.  A story crying out to be told, analysed, questioned and brought to a point of understanding - and healing.


. . . why hadn't we as white Africans at school in the 1950's and 1960's learned more about the Matebele Kings - what was the significance of the pink elephant, who were those men dressed in suits and why? Which was King Mzilikazi and which King Lobengula?

Having been born in Matabeleland, I should know these things. But I didn't . . .

I wondered why for black Africans at school round that same time, the curriculum didn't explore what in today's eyes can only be termed the arrogance of conditions in Europe which allowed for the 'Scramble for Africa' and imperialism in Rhodesia.  We might all have understood it better.  

I heard that King Lobengula dressed in European clothes and rode a horse - really?  I heard that Dr Jameson was made an Induna of the Imbezu regiment - why?

Why didn't we learn about it? Why didn't white learn about black or black about white? Wouldn't that have brought some greater understanding between us?  Or was there too much happening outside God's own country, which would ultimately ride roughshod over the hopes of both anyway?  

I found out all about the historical altars of expediency ... more important, I found out history distorts truths - lies usurp fact, vested interests become the devil's work and are propagated and fed ... till they are believed. Whether they come from the pens or mouths of playboy concession hunters or manipulative politicians - the aims are the same.

Until we understand, we undermine each other . . . we hate - from orchestrated fear - yet we long to be one, united in an all embracing purpose for tomorrow's Zimbabwe. 

Before Zimbabwe's Independence, before UDI (the Unilateral Declaration of Independence), before the breakup of Federation ... there was, indeed, a golden moment.

We missed it.

THE HORNS as print and e-book is now available on Amazon - South African bookshops have a few copies left and we hope to get more in soon, Zimbabwe is sold out I’m afraid. Now published in Australia, bookshops are asking for orders and following trips to Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland in the first half of 2019, should be more widely available soon. It is always possible to order through this website as well - if you are interested in doing so click here - and a signed copy will be sent off to you immediately.




ebook and print book available; audiobook to come

ebook and print book available; audiobook to come

ebook and print book available; audiobook to come

ebook and print book available; audiobook to come